Hello I’m Emily and I’ve been to Eype Beach this weekend to Fossil Hunt.  I watched a great TV show with Sir David Attenborough about the ‘Sea Dragon’ and decided to go and find one of my own.  

The fossils were hard to find as they are hidden in the rocks.  I had been looking with my family for a couple of hours up and down the beach and found a few little bits of fossils.  Then just as we decided to stop for lunch and I found a brilliant one! it was an ammonite and was really clear! and while i was showing my sister Ella that one, I found another one!! 

I have decided to investigate and collect fossils so i’ll be back to the beaches on the Jurassic coast again.

We also stopped at Charmouth to see the Sea Dragon from the TV documentary and Ella bough a fossilised shark tooth, an ammonite and a cuttle fish fossil.

Great fun day on the beach with my family.  Fish and Chips for tea.