Its a real thing….yes, research has shown that the dark nights and cold wet weather all contribute to 4 out of 5 of us feel ‘blue’ in January.  So how to beat those January Blues??


We all make those new year resolutions to get fit and healthy but how many of us actually do it?  well, now is the time to take action, time to get fit and active and where better to do that than Dorset! Hundreds of miles of beach to walk/run/swim/row/surf and paddle along as well as forests and parks to cycle through all with wonderful café and pubs with great food and drink if a little incentive is needed to start you off.


What if you need more than that to motivate you ?? Dorset has many groups that help you get active outdoors.  Fit Farm,  Body Retreat but to name a couple. 


At the end of the day, fresh air, exercise and getting fit in the beautiful surroundings of Dorset can only improve your well being, boost your self-confidence and keep you fit and healthy for 2018 onwards.  Good luck in beating those January blues.